Our party boat sets sail and you are invited to celebrate with us. On our two-storey boat the party deck awaits you in the upper area. The name says it all.
The lounge at the bottom has a bar, space to relax, and the opportunity to swim and snorkel.

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Leash off

Our party boat sets sail for the first time.

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Our anchorage is the heart of our facility. The restaurant offers a variety of food and takes you on a culinary journey. Refreshing drinks like beer and cocktails awaits you in our bar. Stress relexation with music, swimming in the pool or a shisha on your holiday will be an unforgettable experience.

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Happy new year

We want to welcome the new year.

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Ankerplatz, Sunset Beach Track
Michamvi Kae, Zanzibar Tanzania
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Location Address:

Princess of Zanzibar
Sunset Beach Track
Michamvi Kae
Unguja Kusini

Phone: +255772231300

Business Address:

Thomas Jancer und Petra Jancer
Ringmauerstrasse 7
58511 Lüdenscheid


Phone: +4915165123835